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Behind the scenes:



The essence of The Micro Custom is to offer the best to the musicien, for instance a product which suits everyone and which lasts in time.

Working in a human-sized workshop allows us to select carefully our materials and promote exchanges with small business in our area.

We avoid as much as possible to use metals which need surface treatment because of their negative environmental impact. The pickups are wax potted in organic beeswax made by a small producer in South of France.


All the components of the pickups can be customized thanks to cutting edge tools such as laser cutter, CNC machine, 3D printer …

We do also use modeling softwares to get sections views and overviews of the different components.


Our pickups are made with selected and original materials.

It took many years to find the right enamel thread “plain enamel” or “heavy formvar” and also to find the right alnico recipe.

Customized pickups can be made with all kind of materials: from aluminium to titanium through bamboo, everything is possible.

Cnc diamond engraving of the logo on a microphone baseplate